Street Style Spotlight: Tomboy Meets Funky

I’d be hard pressed to find a more light-hearted phrase than “a stroll down the street.” Something about this combination of words instantly conjures up rosy images of sunny lanes and quaint couples walking hand in hand. But if only the stroll could be as effervescent as it sounds. Because the unfortunate reality is that the stroll ain’t what it used to be. For most of us, our over-connected and stimulated world has even encroached on our ability to walk in peace.When’s the last time you found yourself fully aware and present during your moments in transit? Usually the list of things we have to do by the end of the day drowns out the walk and we inevitably tune out our surroundings, or even worse we are too busy sending messages or checking Facebook to look up from our phones. From what people are wearing to the new shop that just went in up the street, life’s little details often go unnoticed.

That’s why I’m writing today : because there is so much untapped inspiration just waiting to be seen. In an effort to expose the beauty around us, I am spotlighting street style at its finest and breaking down how to make the trends work for you.

Today’s first street style star is a classic tomboy with a funky and eclectic edge.

Tailored Fit_Street Style_Funky_Tomboy_7

With a foundation of classic black shorts, a chambray button-down and the always in style Converse high-tops, this stylish lady takes it to the next level with a few quirky items.

Tailored Fit_Street Style_Funky_Tomboy_2

A graphic print T-shirt with a whimsical print compliments her colorful statement necklace and coordinates with her denim baseball cap.

Tailored Fit_Street Style_Funky_Tomboy


Tailored Fit_Street Style_Funky_Tomboy_4

Tailored Fit_Street Style_Funky_Tomboy_6

Her bright red socks peek out of the top of her shoes, keeping the playful spirit alive all the way down to her toes.

A little bit about today’s sight for computer-strained eyes:

Name: Alyssa

Outfit Breakdown: Hat, necklace and shorts all from J.Crew, Shirt from Gap, T-shirt thrifted from Avalon Exchange, Vintage Converse, Rings from Culture Shop

What inspired the outfit?

Alyssa told me that she fell in love with her shirt and it inspired her ensemble. She said she normally likes to dress more neutral and toned down but every now and again sporty. Using her denim chambray button down, which she cited as a wardrobe staple,  as a starting point she made the rest sound easy, ” I just mashed everything together and this is what I got.”

You style in a few words is:

Sporty, American, Classic, Preppy, dabble in Androgyny


Feeling ready to emulate Alyssa’s style for yourself? Check out this rack filled with cheeky graphic Tees to get you started. Pair neutral basics with your bold top and add a few pops of color for a look that is casual, creative and pulled together.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the next street style spotlight whether it be on the TF blog or on the streets around you.






Elizabeth Sensky