Internet Pick-Me-Ups: 5 Uplifting Reads for Down Days

Internet Pick-Me-Ups-1

Some days are just not your friend. It feels like no matter how hard you try, everything is just fighting against you. You don’t feel put together, your inbox never stops filling up and you find yourself day dreaming of your last vacation and an icy mojito. We’ve all been there. Life isn’t always nice and it definitely doesn’t care about our feelings. But when life gets you down, the Internet is there to pick you up. Hidden among the BuzzFeed lists and shameless hate comments on Youtube, are gems of wisdom and inspiration from bloggers, who like you, go through crap days.

So in honor of the good of the internet, and in hopes of lifting your spirits, I’ve rounded up my favorite inspirational posts as of late:

1. No Time to Think

This post has been receiving quite a bit of Internet buzz lately, and for good reason. It makes some compelling points about how avoiding  quiet moments and not being with your troubling thoughts can lead to greater stress. dom information But the author also gives some good advice on how to deal with this and cultivate those moments of peace.

2. Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

We’ve all had those thoughts. Those self-destructive thoughts that are busy constantly comparing ourselves to others who seem to have it all “together.” We probably know these thoughts are invalid, that it is useless to think this way, but it doesn’t stop the thoughts from coming. Enter The Every Girl’s article. This is a great read for those moments when you just need another reminder that no one has it all together and you are doing just fine. I knew I had to include this article when the author quoted the Ted Talk Queen, Brene Brown. That’s always a win in my book.

3. That’s What She Said videos, especially This one.

Disclaimer: this one is for the ladies

As I was making this post, I asked one of my friends who is always in-the-know on the Internet for any inspirational links she had stumbled across. She directed me to this video series. This is for those days when you need an extra dash of courage and a little help finding your backbone. The video, by Soul Pancake, touches on all of our inner-most insecurities and closes with a powerful piece of spoken word by Natalie Patterson.

4. Anais Nin In Defense of the Fluid Self

This is simply beautiful. The always wise, always poignant observations of Anais Nin are a wellspring of strength and introspection. In this letter to Harper’s Bazaar, she politely declines to be interviewed. The prolific and equally wise, Maria Popova of Brain Pickings (another gem if you haven’t checked it out yet) frames Nin’s letter with thoughtful additions that put it all in perspective. Give this a read if you need a moment to respect your ever-changing self and make room for a little forgiveness.

5. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Last but certainly not least, is the new series from Jerry Seinfeld called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  So, as you may have guessed, it is pretty much like it sounds. Jerry Seinfeld hosts short interviews with entertaining famous people where they ride in a car to go get coffee or food. Hilarity ensues. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Ricky Gervais, the guests always make for a good laugh and with episodes that are 15-20 minutes long, this is perfect for your lunch break.



Elizabeth Sensky